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  • Reduces the recycle time by more than 50%
  • Doubles the battery life
  • Protect the edges during rough seas
  • Compatible with Retra all flashs
  • Optical trigger for Retra flash
  • Trigger only, TTL is not available
  • Circular flash tube
  • User interface made by uw photographers
  • Configure your strobe via Retra's smartphone app
  • Powerful central pilot light
  • Double o-ring and leakage detection
  • Easy to use even on your first dive
  • You can shape light, sharpen it's edges or make them blurry.
  • Only change the mounting module for different strobe
  • Aluminium anodized housing
  • Stackable rings which reduce the angle of light
  • You can shape light with the mask
  • Replacement mounting band
  • Change the mounting module for different strobe
  • 5mm neoprene and +40g buoyancy
    • Compatible with Retra Flash, Flash Prime, Flash PRO strobes
    • Boosts the light output by +1 F-stop
    • Narrows the angle of ligh