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The Dry Lock (DL) port mount is featured on our 200DL and 50DL underwater housings for mirrorless and dSLR cameras. Dry Lock refers to the placement of the o-ring on the outside of the port mount, which keeps water from dropping onto your camera equipment during lens changes. Compatibility is based on the camera manufacturer and mount type.


Some lenses have more than one port option. The first column is always the recommended option for the best compromise of imaging quality, performance, and handling with any given lens.


Where multiple lines of products are listed for a given option, all products listed are required to make a complete compatible lens port.


A +4 diopter is available for purchase through your local camera store, and is commonly sold in a set with +1 and +2 close-up lenses. Common brands include Tiffen and Hoya. Make sure to purchase the correct size for your lens. The thread diameter is usually referenced on the front of the lens in millimeters (ø 58mm, 67mm, etc.). All photos will be out of focus if a +4 diopter is required but not used.

DL Port System  Revised June 28, 2021

DL Port System for Canon RF Mount Revised October 5, 2021

DL Port System for Nikon Z Mount Revised October 5, 2021

DL Port System for Panasonic GH5  Revised July 24, 2020

DL Port System for Panasonic SL-Mount  Revised January 20, 2020

DL Port System for Fujiflm X Mount  Revised January 12, 2020

DL Port System for Sony Alpha Series Cameras  Revised April 28, 2021