INON 28LD Mount Base DC38 for Canon WP-DC38
INON 28LD Mount Base DC38 for Canon WP-DC38
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The [28LD Mount Base DC38] enables you to install [UWL-H100 28LD] wide conversion lens to shoot wider area and its super wide option will be coming soon. AD Mount series [UCL-165AD] close-up lens (*1) or M67 Mount series [UCL-330] [UCL-165M67] close-up lens (*2) to shorten minimum shooting distance, is also usable(*1). 28LD Mount series close-up lens is now under development to go on sale in spring 2011.
INON supports to shoot all different type of subject from [semi fish-eye] to [ultra macro] with simple and reliable system.

(*1) Optional「AD-LD Mount Converter for UCL-165AD」is required.
(*2) Optional「M67-LD Mount Converter for UCL-330/165M67」is required.

Strobe/LED flashlight Compatibility

Digital camera compatible ["S-TTL" Auto] strobe INON [S-2000]/[Z-240]/[D-2000] is usable. ["S-TTL" auto] of [S-2000]/[Z-240]/[D-2000] series gives you correct and reliable exposure by simply pressing shutter release button(*3).

INON LED flashlight [LE550-W]/[LE550-S]/[LE240]/[LE250] is also usable as an aiming light or assisting light source.

There are two choices for strobe/light arm;[Shoe Base]/[Shoe Base Set] which directly holds compatible strobe/LED flashlight on the “accessory shoe” of the [28LD Mount Base・DC38], or universal type [Grip Base D4 Set] which widely supports more than 100 underwater housings with loose-proof structure and broad expandability including supporting dual strobe configuration, different arm length/type depending on your shooting style.

INON provides "handy"/"compact" [Shoe Base Set]and "full-blown" set with [Grip Base D4] to support every underwater photographers to suit to various shooting style, skill, attachment lens, subject and condition to realize your creative intent with flexible system.

(*3) "S-TTL" Auto mode is not usable for shooting mode "M" or "Tv"/"Av" and the built-in flash mode is set to manual.

Canon PowerShot S95 with Canon WP-DC38 Housing
28LD Mount Base DC38
UWL-H100 28LD
S-2000(with -0.5 Blue Diffuser for S-2000)
Optical D Cable Cap W51 Set Type L
Grip Base D4
Direct Arm Z Set

Housings Canon WP-DC38
Wet Lenses INON LD/28LD
Tray Two M6 Screws with 69mm spacing
Materials Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless steel.
Warranty 1 Year


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