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Wet Lenses & Filters

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PolarPro Magenta Filter Hero4 for GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+ 40m Standard Housing
Magenta Filter for Green Water Color Correction Color correction for scuba diving in green wat..
PolarPro Red Filter Hero4 for GoPro Hero3+ / Hero4 40m Standard Housing
Red Filter For Color Correction in Blue and Tropical Water. Aqua lens for superior optics. Tro..
PolarPro Switchblade2.0 for GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+ 40m Standard Housing
Perfect 3 in 1 Red Macro Combo for the GoPro Hero 3+ camera. Glass Magnifying lens for Creativ..
RGBlue Red Filter for System 01 / 02 Video Light
This optical filter is designed to illuminate living bodies that react to light. The filter can be u..
SEA & SEA M67 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens 0.6x
A wide-angle conversion lens with M67 screw mount. When the lens is mounted, the angle of view incr..
INON UCL-100LD Close-up Lens for LD/28LD Mount
INON UCL-100LD designed to provide 100mm focal length (underwater) for high magnification photograph..
Howshot Red Color Correction Filter for GoPro HERO3 Housing
Underwater color-correcting filter for the GoPro HERO3 housing (60m) or HERO3+ replacement ..
INON Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80
INON super dome option to widen native view angle of the UWL-S100 ZM80 wide conversion lens which is..
Light & Motion Nightsea Flip3 Camera Filter for GoPro Hero 3 housing
Use the Nightsea Flip3 Camera Filter with your GoPro camera to record Fluoro-diving footage! This Fl..
Light & Motion Sola Nightsea Mask Filter
This mask filter is the other half of the Nightsea experience- it's what makes the magic complete! Y..
Light & Motion Sola Nightsea Camera Filter
This filter allows your camera to see the fluorescence that the Sola Nightsea excites. ..
INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Conversion Lens
UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Conversion Lens is compact dual use land/underwater wet wide conversion lens to u..
Ikelite W-30 Wide Angle Conversion Lens
Capture more of the scene by adding a wide angle conversion lens to your digital still or video hou..
Deeproof Red Color Correction Filter for GoPro Dive Housing
Underwater color-correcting filter for the GoPro dive housing. ..
SEA & SEA M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens
Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for Olympus waterproof cases with M52 screw mount. *The camera's angle..


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