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INON Arm SS Set Z (Z Adapter, Arm SS, Multi Direct Base, Clamp x 2)
Strobe arm set with Base Adapter, Strobe Adapter, Strobe Arm and two clamps. Use to attach Z-240, Z-..
Ultralight AD-UK Light Adapter for Underwater Kinetics (SunLight
Light adapter for the Underwater Kinetics Sunlight D series or Light Canon HID lights. ..
Ultralight AC-FB Mounting Plates for Top Of Housing Handles
Mounting plates for top of housing handles to mounting flashlights, sekonic meter brackets, etc. ..
Ultralight BA-FBd Mounting Plates 1/4 to 1/4 use on TR-DH digital handle
Mounting plates for top of housing handles to mounting flashlights, sekonic meter brackets, etc. ..
Ultralight BA-AD Angled Dovetail Adapter (Male)
BA-AD Angled Dovetail adapter (Male) fits in the female plates Bracket mounts with flat head scre..
Ultralight AD-200 Strobe Adapter for Ikelite DS200 Substrobe
AD-200 strobe adapter with 1" ball for Ikelite DS200 strobe ..
Ultralight Spare Base O-Ring for AD Series Adapter (2pcs)
Spare Base O-Ring for Ultralight AD-1032, AD-200, AD-1420, AD-3816, AD6mm, AD-8mm and AD-HS adapters..
Ultralight BA-PR Port Ring Adapter for Nexus Port Ring
Attaches to the Nexus port ring to allow strobes to be attached. Adapter the Flexible Arm to the Ul..
SEA & SEA Bracket Shoe
Attaches Sea Arm VI / VII or flexible light arm to grip or stay (screws included).   ..
Ultralight BA-HB Handle Ball
Ball with 1/4" bolt, for use with digital handle or as a universal 1/4" ball adapter.   ..
Ultralight AC-CS Clamp
Shown with proper placement of two arms between clamp halves. T-Knob used to tighten or loosen clam..
LOC-LINE 3/4" Flexible Arm 6-Piece Kit
LOC-LINE 6-section extension for 3/4" flexible arms. Mounting tool optional ..
Ultralight AC-HQD Quick Disconnect Handle with Ball
To mount to Nikonos single or double trays, or camera housing tray and pivots. Disconnects by a pus..
Ultralight AD-IN INON Strobe Adapter
Ultralight Adapter for INON strobes D-180, Z-220, Z-220s, Z-22, D-2000, D-2000S D-2000W, D-2000Wn, Z..
Ultralight AD-SS Sea&Sea Strobes Adapter
Sea&Sea, Olympus, Epoque and Fisheye Strobes or Video Light Adapter ..


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