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INON Direct Base III
The Direct Base III is attached on majority of base products directly or on housings and particular ..
INON YS Adapter MV
The [YS Adapter MV] are improved model of existing [YS Adapter] to support flexible strobe movement ..
INON Z Adapter MV
Z Adapter MV has mounting surface for strobe on one side. Other side is round ball for attachment to..
INON Stick Arm XS / SS / S  / M / L
INON Stick Arm which has less water resistant design and extremely lightweight body while carrying b..
INON Stick Arm Float S
Optional accessory to attach on Stick Arm(*1) or Multi Ball Arm(*2) to add approx. 84g (3.0oz) buoya..
INON Shoe Base Spacer
An optional product to attach the Shoe Base on a Float Arm or Mega Float Arm. Also usable to attach ..
INON M5 Joint for Stick Arms
The M5 Joint is an optional product to attach a Lens Holder for Float Arm (*2) or the Shoe Base (via..
A strobe / LED flashlight adapter carrying double INON Arm II system compatible ball-joints and sing..
INON Double YS Adapter MV
A strobe / LED flashlight adapter carrying single INON Arm II system compatible ball-joint and doubl..
INON Multi Ball Arm SS (120mm / 4.7")
Multi Ball Arm is designed on totally new concept, carrying extra INON Arm II system compatible ball..
SEA & SEA M10 Fixed Ball Base
The SA8 M10 Fixed Ball Base can be mounted directly on housings that feature an M10 screw threaded m..
The clamps III are what hold the 1" ball ends together. ..
Ultralight GP-LCD-CAGE Cage for GoPro LCD Back
cage for the GoPro LCD back, a more robust way to mount the LCD camera (incl. ball)   ..
Light & Motion Sola Photo Ball Mount Kit
Light & Motion Sola Photo Ball (1" Ball System) Mount Kit for Light&Motion SOLA li..
10Bar Flex Arm Set for DS51 / DS50 Substrobe
10Bar flex strobe arm pre-assembled and ready to be attached to your DS50 or DS51 strobe. A great st..


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