RGBlue System 02 Premium Color LED Light (4200K / Ra95)
RGBlue System 02 Premium Color LED Light (4200K / Ra95)
RGBlue System 02 Premium Color LED Light (4200K / Ra95)
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Single-source type, high-quality COB (Chip On Board) LED
The RGBlue System01 employs a single-source type, COB (Chip On Board) LED. The COB LED emits light from a single plane so that the problems previously seen with multi-LED type light source such as the multi-shadow effect(*1) and light distribution irregularity are solved.

*1:The multi-shadow effect refers to the generation of multiple shadows when a light source is composed of multiple LEDs.

Natural reproduction of underwater colors thanks to high color rendition and optimum color temperature
The COB LED emits light optimized for underwater shooting, achieving a high color rendering index of Ra80(*2) and a color temperature of 5000K(*3), enabling it to reproduce natural-looking colors closely resembling those produced under normal sunlight.

*2: The standard for expressing the closeness of the characteristics of specific light to natural light (sunlight). The color rendering is higher as this figure approaches 100.
*3: The color temperature represents the color of the light emitted by a light source. The color temperature is higher with colder colors and lower with warmer colors. The color temperature of sunlight is estimated to be between 5000K and 6500K.

Flat light distribution with 100° emission angle, 2200 lm maximum light intensity, condenser lens provided
Flat light is distributed evenly throughout the emission angle of 100°, which is sufficient for shooting movies, as well as for wide-angle shooting. Maximum light intensity is more than enough with total flux as high as 2200 lm. A condensing lens is provided as standard to increase illuminance by reducing the light distribution angle to 60°.

*The condensing lens was designed based on technology used with deep-ocean research vehicles.

Modularized system with one-touch connection/disconnection capability
System01 consists of two modules — the light source (Light Module) and the power supply (Battery Module). An original bayonet mechanism allows the two modules to be connected and disconnected with a simple operation. This design increases flexibility, allowing the system to easily adapt different usage requirements, such as preparation of multiple spare batteries.

Complete waterproofing eliminates worries about water leakage
Both modules are completely waterproof, ensuring that water cannot penetrate and cause damage. Each module is provided with an IPX6(*4) equivalent waterproofing mechanism that can stand up to a water depth of up to 100 meters during lighting (i.e. when the modules are connected).

*4: IPX6 is a liquid ingress protection standard that specifies that water projected in jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects

Simple operation, perfect safety mechanisms
Just two pushbuttons are all that's needed to control the switch ON/OFF, 4-step brightness control (500 lm/900 lm/1300 lm/1800 lm) and non-step brightness control (300lm to 2200 lm). Remaining battery power is indicated with an LED indicator. Safety mechanisms include a temperature sensor, overcharge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection circuitry, as well as an over-pressure valve.

Function / Efficiency
Lumens 2,400 lumen, Product output: 300 to 2,200lm
Run Time 4-step brightness control:
500 lm / 600 min.
900 lm / 240 min.
1,300 lm / 180 min.
1,800 lm / 120 min.
Non-step brightness control:
300 lm / 1,000 min. to 2,200 lm / 90 min.
Beam Angle 100° (60° with the condenser lens)
Red Light Yes, Optional Red Filter #RF01-49M
Depth rating 100m / 330 ft.
Power Levels 4 steps (500 lm / 900 lm / 1,300 lm / 1,800 lm)
non-step (300 lm to 2,200 lm)
Remaining battery: Blue (50% or more)→Purple→Yellow→Red (5% or less)
Color Temperature Approx. 4,200K / Ra95
Underwater Weight 205g
LED/Bulb Life Time N/A
Arm System Please refer to accessories.
Batteries BM6200G, Rechargeable lithium ion battery, 6200 mA/7.4 V (46 Wh)
Dimensions 68 x 135mm (DIA x L) without projections
Weight 565g
Materials Anticorrosive aluminum alloy/hard alumite, PC, optical glass/chemically strengthened glass
Rechargeable Yes, 500 times
Warranty 1 Year
  1. System 02 Premium Color LED light
  2. AC Adapter & Recharge Plug Set
  3. Condensing Lens
  4. YS Adapter set
  5. Hand Grip 02
  6. Maintenance Kit
  7. Exclusive Case
  8. User manual
  9. 1 Year warranty


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