INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera
INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera
INON X-2 Housing for Canon EOS 70D Camera
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  • Intuitive Control Layout as same as Camera’s Control
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Durable Body Coating
  • Leak Sensor with Red LED and Buzzer
  • S-TTL Auto Strobe Fully Supported
  • Interchangeable Four Finder Models
  • Multi-coated Optical Lens Port Compatibility
  • MRS Port Control by Magnet Attraction


The concept is Fast and Smooth
The Canon EOS 70D is equipped with groundbreaking AF technology Dual Pixel CMOS AF where each and single pixel on the CMOS sensor is consists of two independent photodiodes enabling you to shoot video like a camcorder with smooth, fast, and accurate autofocus.
The INON X-2 for EOS70D housing is built on the concept of Fast and Smooth involving professional photographers in development. Buttons and levers on the housing are carefully located as much as like camera's control itself for intuitive operation underwater. INON offers an underwater camera system in total with S-TTL Auto strobe, viewfinder, MRS Port, LED flashlight and wide range of arm products all from INON for fast and smooth underwater photography/videography.

Lightweight and Compact Ultraprecise Cast Aluminum Body
The X-2 for EOS70D is made from corrosion resistance aluminum alloy by ultraprecise cast manufacturing technique to fuse design, weight and durability in higher dimension. The cast manufacturing technique enables thin body plate with complicated curved design which is not possible with machining. Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body has acquired reliability, durability and controllability even in severe underwater.

Stress-free Control Layout to Capture the Moment
Cast manufacturing allows flexible design to put various ingenuities for trouble-free underwater operation as like controlling camera on land, where your right thumb and mid finger securely hold a housing without effort, index finger can naturally access to the shutter release lever and aperture or shutter speed can be easily adjusted without seeing those dials during checking composition through the viewfinder. The INON X-2 for EOS70D pursues intimate controllability to "capture the moment” in addition to accessibility to all necessary controls/dials for underwater photography/videography.

* [AF area selection mode button], [Multi-controller], and [Multi function lock switch] are not accessible.

Proven and Reliable Waterproof Design
Buttons, dial levers are not directly attached on the aluminum alloy housing body but installed via brass bearings to prevent the aluminum housing body from galling caused by sliding of buttons and movement of dial levers to secure waterproof property. Only minimum parts replacement can refresh these controls even you need to change bearings. Buttons and dial levers carry oil bearing type INON yellow O-rings to prevent accidental flooding due to lack of grease. Also their size is thicker than required to enhance waterproof property.

Fully Compatible with "S-TTL" Auto Strobe System
Flooding-free four Optical D Connectors are equipped as standard feature to benefit simple yet reliable S-TTL Auto shooting simply by plug-in Optical D Cable Type L. It is important to effectively transmit built-in flash light to fiber optics to benefit accuracy of S-TTL Auto. The X-2 for EOS70D housing is equipped with a mirror inside to induce built-in flash light to Optical D Connectors properly to provide stable and accurate S-TTL Auto exposure control.

Interchangeable Four Viewfinders
INON offers four different finder units; Finder Window, Pick-up Finder 2, 45° Viewfinder, Straight Viewfinder to accommodate with various subjects/shooting conditions as like selecting camera lens.

Function / Efficiency
Controls Shutter button, Main Dial, Flash button, Power Switch, Mode Dial, AF mode selection button, Drive mode selection button, ISO speed setting button, Metering mode selection button, Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch, Start/Stop button, AF start button, AE lock/FE lock button/Index/Reduce button, AF point selection/Magnify button, Quick Control Dial, Quick Control button, Playback button, Setting button, Erase button, Menu button, Info button
* AF area selection mode button, Multi-controller, and Multi function lock switch are not accessible.
Internal Flash No, trigger external Strobe only.
Depth rating 75m / 246 ft.
Leak Sensor Yes
Electrical (Sync. connector) No
Optical (Sync. connector) 2x INON Optical D connector (2 strobes per connector)
Port Mount INON Mount
Cameras Canon EOS 7D
Tray Three 1/4" thread
Cold Shoe Mount Yes, Optional
* Please refer to accessories.
Dimensions 210 x 174 x124mm / 8.3 x 6.9 x 4.9in (excluding finder unit)
Weight approx. 2,059g / 72.6oz (45°Viewfinder)
approx. 1,999g / 70.5oz (Straight Viewfinder)
approx. 1,756g / 61.9oz (Pick-up Finder 2)
approx. 1,749g/61.7oz (Finder Window)
Materials Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (anodized), Stainless steel, Plastic, Clear plate glass.
Warranty 1 Year
  • Housing
  • Finder Unit Fixing Screw Ring
  • Lock Ring Tool for X-2 Finder Unit
  • Main O-Ring (spare)
  • INON Grease
  • Fiber Optics Fixing Rubber (spare)
  • Allen wrench 1.5mm / 2.5mm / 3mm
  • User manual
  • 1 Year warranty


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