INON Optical D Cable Type L / Bush W57 Set
INON Optical D Cable Type L / Bush W57 Set
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INON release of fiber optics kit to use INON underwater strobe for Ikelite underwater housing #6242.10(*2) (for Canon PowerShot S100 (*1)) , #6242.95(*2) (for Canon PowerShot S95 (*1)) and #6242.90(*2) (for Canon PowerShot S90 (*1)) on March 10th, 2012.

Optical D Cable Type L/Bush W57 Set features

  • More reliable slave flashing of Optical D Cable connection with fiber optics even under bright condition like under surface or back lit comparing to conventional wireless slave flashing.
  • Maximum two Optical D Cable Type L mountable for dual strobe configuration.

Strobe Compatibility

Digital camera compatible S-TTL Auto strobe INON S-2000/Z-240/D-2000 is usable. S-TTL auto of S-2000/Z-240/D-2000 series gives you correct and reliable exposure by simply pressing shutter release button (*2). It is easy to upgrade to dual strobe system only with optional D Holder and Optical D Cable Type L etc. Wide range of INON Arm II system is available to have different length and configurations. Simple yet reliable highly accurate S-TTL auto realizes your creative intent depending on a subject and shooting condition.

(*2) S-TTL auto mode is not usable for shooting mode "M" or "Tv"/"Av" and the built-in flash mode is set to manual.

Housings Ikelite Housing #6242.95
Ikelite Housing #6242.10
Ikelite Housing #6242.11
Strobes INON Strobe


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