INON -0.5 Blue Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) for Z-240/D-2000/Z-220 Series
INON -0.5 Blue Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) for Z-240/D-2000/Z-220 Series
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-0.5 white diffuser 2 panel for Z-240, D-2000, Z-220, Z-220F and Z-220S strobes when used with Canon digital cameras. Diffuser corrects for camera's reddish-yellow hue, rendering more natural colors.
The strobe beam angle widens from a circular 100 degrees to 110 degrees and the quality of light and shadows become softer.
This diffuser is for use with the D-2000, in S-TTL and Manual; and the Z-220, Z-220F and Z-220S strobes in Manual mode. This diffuser cannot be used effectively in External Auto mode with D-2000, D-180 and D-180S strobes. If you think you will be using External Auto mode with any of these strobes, please choose the "External Auto Compatible" versions of this diffuser.
Includes Focus Light Filter Set (Blue/Red).
For more information on Inon diffuser system, see: Multi-function Diffuser System (pdf 1.9M)

Strobes INON Z-240
INON D-2000

1x Blue diffuser
1x W40° filter LE
1x Red filter


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