INON -0.5 (4600K) Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) for Z-240 / D-2000 Strobes
INON -0.5 (4600K) Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) for Z-240 / D-2000 Strobes
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Adding these filters on strobe enables to reduce color temperature of strobe light. Two different grade filters deliver strobe light at color temperature 4900K or 4600K from original 5500K and each grade filter has non-diffuse version at same power output and half stop diffused version which increases beam angle to 110 degree.

These filters have been designed on totally new concept to control color temperature of underwater strobe to extend range of underwater imaging expression.

Sample image

Reducing color temperature of strobe light will yield following effects;

  • Capture skin of a diver more healthy
  • Bright up warm color subject
  • Make back ground water color richer blue without changing foreground subject color by converting RAW image at 4900K or 4600K.

Sample image processed RAW file at color temperature 4600K. Changing color temperature adds vivid blue on back ground water.

Strobes INON Z-240
INON D-2000

1x Diffuser
1x W40° filter LE
1x Red filter


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